The Launch of 'A Partnership Framework for an Inclusive & Sustainable Economy'

Join Sheffield City Partnership on Thursday 11th October 2018 at 6.00 pm to launch 'A Partnership Framework for an Inclusive & Sustainable Economy'.

In Sheffield, making our city economy work for everyone is not a 'nice to have' or a welcome bonus.  We want to work to put it at the centre of what we do, what we represent and what we strive for as a city.  Sheffield could and should be a place where anyone who grows up or chooses to make their home here, regardless of their background or where they live in the city, has the same opportunities to access good and rewarding work, secure incomes, nice homes, good health, a safe environment, opportunities to learn and upskill, positive experiences of community, culture and nature, as well as being able to exercise power and influence over their lives, communities and city.  

This Framework is about expressing our ambitions to make Sheffield work better for Sheffielders.  It is about coming together and mobilising around a set of long-established values for the city, to focus on shaping a Sheffield economy which will focus on including more people, and in so doing delivering better outcomes for us all.

In this Framework we are going to set out the key principles which we, as partners in Sheffield, are going to commit to give our residents a better chance of having that life, with some clear next steps for how these principles are going to shape our policies and actions.

Come and have your say as we begin the dialogue to build a shared action plan to take forward this Framework together.

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