State of Sheffield 2018 Report

The State of Sheffield report provides an overview of the city, describing how things are and how they are changing.  Rather than representing the views or opinions of one particular organisation, it draws together insights and perspectives from a team of authors working in different fields.  It pulls on a range of data sources and reports to explore city-wide issues, plotting trends, highlighting challenges and pointing to opportunities for Sheffield and its population.

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Foreword and Introduction

Chapter 1: An Inclusive & Sustainable Economy

Chapter 2: Involvement & Participation

Chapter 3: Safety & Security

Chapter 4: Social & Community Infrastructure

Chapter 5: Health & Wellbeing

Chapter 6: Looking Forwards

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State of Sheffield 2017

The State of Sheffield report provides an overview of the city, describing how things are, how things are changing and how Sheffield compares to other similar places.  It is not based on one single organisational perspective, but instead uses a wide range of existing data sources and reports.  It is the only report that brings together information on developments in Sheffield to reflect on city-wide issues and trends. 

The purpose of the report is to inform anyone with an interest in how our city is performing, including the city leaders on the Sheffield City Partnership Board, about the shared challenges and opportunities facing the city, and highlight future priorities to pursue.

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State of Sheffield 2015

The 2015 State of Sheffield report presents a picture of a city set in a global context that has proven itself resilient in the face of the global financial crisis, with a growing population and a growing workforce when compared with its peers across Europe, and that is an attractive and welcoming city.

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State of Sheffield 2014

This State of Sheffield report is constructed around three key themes: Living in Sheffield, Working in Sheffield and Wellbeing in Sheffield.  Within each of those themes the report outlines key changes and trends, and begins to explore the significance of those changes to the city as a whole.

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