A Partnership Framework for an Inclusive & Sustainable Economy

Sheffield City Partnership is the strategy partnership for Sheffield, which brings together key partners from the private, voluntary and public sector.

Since the start of 2017 we have been listening and learning about Sheffield’s opportunities and challenges - what are the strengths that will shape our city over the coming decades and what are the problems that are impacting on the quality of life of residents across our neighbourhoods?

Our Framework brings together everything we’ve heard and launches a new way of working for the Partnership and the city with a shared focus on driving down inequality to make the Sheffield economy work better for its people.

It is clear that the city has so much to offer, with so many assets, but we want to see more Sheffielders benefiting from this great potential over the coming years, enjoying more equal access to opportunities and improved quality of life, no matter what their circumstances or where they live in the city.

As partners and residents we are all facing a challenging environment, from public sector cuts to economic uncertainty. So, with these challenges at the forefront of our minds, now is the time to focus on what really matters to our city. For us, this means more people having the things they need and want in life, from secure incomes and decent homes, to positive experiences of education and work, to chances to enjoy and feel part of the place they live in.

We recognise that building an inclusive Sheffield needs to be a bottom-up process and our priority now is to make sure that we include and engage with more groups and communities across the city, so that we can better reflect people’s everyday experiences, and work together to take forward the commitments and actions set out in this Framework.

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